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Mind Cemeteries

by Coma Cluster Void

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I am (Mike DiSalvo)
Iron Empress 04:59
Queen of ravens fan feathers out like knives Drink venom from vipers hidden amongst us May her power demand retribution May her sins bring absolution The Iron Empress Emanates in barbed romanticism The blood of her followers … ecstatic Flows through her veins like tidal waves Traditions of trampling opposition under foot The aqualungs and simpletons Speak boldly of supremacy Tongues dab at nightmares Lends rape to praise and prayers You will not be forgotten … promises Palm of hand smudge disease away Smite the life out of heresy Give thanks to penances unbound Mother’s milk and honey spoiled from the wastes of the land Depose all that gather weak minds alike, weak minds alike Adept at trickery and disturbing chaos A fraudulent relative calm Knows little to no bounds They will always punish They are overjoyed They thrive on apathy They leave no choice In pain Hate Defy Death Ecstasy … (Mike DiSalvo)
Storms rise Swarming thunder Tempest surprise Torn asunder Tomorrow never comes In this dramatic post traumatic state Pounds of frowns and everything to do about downs At a debilitating rate Every waking moment is a standstill Every step pushes a body of water forward Every movement bears the weight of planets Every breath parts oceans to desert Swim as well as you may Treading water only floats your dismay Drop below the surface Such a familiar place, a safe place, a sad place Desperation Drowning into Sorrow Slowly sinking beneath the surface Drowning into Sorrow Question whether anything is ever seaworthy Without it you capsize purpose Without it you drown Enormous waves crash all around Smiles from inside submerged caves Defy air, you won’t need it down there Hidden away from view Thin lips split in seminal behaviors Not a single life meant living Not a pleasant place to comb your worth Not another disabled ship left in tow Not a damn day goes by without drowning into sorrow Failure wastes no time Out in the open vast blue repeat Pain is inexhaustible Stretches for leagues upon leagues of deceit Sorrow (Mike DiSalvo)
Path Of Lies 03:44
Eyes clawed out to see, the torn Souls hung out to bleed, Keeps dripping down Putrid stench of guilt, overcomes Self-righteous path of lies Feel the weight of the world, cast down Aware of what cannot be seen Keep begging Condemned to reality, it taunts Deathless keep falling The cycle must now be undone The truth be told Tell it For the first time in ages Of a dark thought Speak it Desperately from cracked lips Manifested Feel it Grab ahold of their tongues Repentance Hold it Stretch them farther out than all The blaring anthem, of all those reborn A sound of structures that collapse Despite renewal, and outsides torn Within, lurks repeating of the past Upon the shoulders of all Crimes unpunished Deceived no more The lunatics unabsolved (Christopher Burrows)
Mind Cemeteries I stand here damned before you A sight shaded and unseen A fresh breath of non-recognition In and out of the realm of perfection Crossing paths alongside Insanity, disaster and melody And throwin' stones at melancholy Well, I stand above it all Breaking bread and bridges Hanging on to those sentimental edges Ripping anger strike fists at the earth I feel alright now, I feel alright now Judgement is disappearing And the sun is dissipating Yet the fallen have arisen I have finally awakened To the stench of all the long lost memories Clogging up the mind cemeteries Feeding off the parasite Well, one thing's for sure I am never, I am never coming back for more Bristling rage pound fists on the earth I feel alright now Yeah, I feel alright now Commemorate A day of Healing Complicate Years of Feeling Reaping Rewards of Vomit Reeking Stinking Life Mind cemeteries (Mike DiSalvo)
I see through your judgement, I see through your pain. Let me savor it! (Mike DiSalvo)
Bereft of color fits your listless mood Skin tone dead, hanging like a dusty drape The temples I build Secretive in shame Edifice of bones and casting stones Glimpse at this disgraceful cubbyhole The hollow gaze from an empty face A blank stare could barely care This fever i bring forth Does not belong to me Some call a hideaway Paralyzed not by heavy labor But by sedimentary values No clan could abide by solitude No bastard abstains from detachment Hate succession Takes precedence Heavily maims in thought only Trace recession Fakes repetition Severely stains In recollections only Empty but still coherent A choice was made To stifle life Seclusion and isolation Emptiness lies with loneliness The silence reeks of awareness A sense of divisiveness Hands clasp together in strength Conscience folds like wet paper The Hollow Gaze from an empty face I see right through you Honor is everything Dissonance Clarity Dissonance Brevity (Mike DiSalvo)
La pénombre cogne à ta porte…elle obstrue ton entrée…complètement contrit,…afin de bannir sa bienveillance…la tromperie est incarnée…par ton incertitude logique…Elle se couche au seuil de ta porte…en attente de cette confusion… The eve it comes knocking…it darkens your doorway…how contrite of you…to banish its benevolence…the trickery is emboldened…by your logical uncertainty…and lies across your doorjamb…waiting for that confusion… to succumb to lonely despair… Devour You may as well stop breathin’ Washed up pointless Seems without purpose Renders you senseless Head sullen, taken cover Some shit will never accomplish it Rollin’ plunder, damned to smother Fooled for ages as it’s meant to be Everything is meant to kill us No matter, you never want to know No, you never want to know Everything is meant to kill us Lorsque le visiteur se présente sans invitation, et qu’il démontre une fortitude égale, et que seul par la force absolue de celui qui désir exister…pourrais-tu éplucher les couches…d’inquiétudes et de reproches… cette glissade sans fin…pour se sauver de cette falaise éternelle… When this unwelcomed guest…shows fortitude matched…only by invigorating resolve…of one who desires to exist…can you strip away the layers…of concern and reproach…that long drawn out slide…from a negative slope… or will you ascend to a positive peak… Devour The servings are generous Leave the gristle intact Many pick off of the remnants We care less of ourselves Measured up, weighted down The mission rides in with agony Love to hate, infant to elder Still introduced to some kinda cancer The signs mask a penny’s worth Marrow tastes like rotten fruit From the same bowls that poison us Distrust is a heavy plate to face So easy to darkness Remorseful weariness leads to Days behind this very day And it happens quick The end befalls the hypnotized ones The pull is omnipresent Strength had long been diminished Humility blends with lucidity Encourages the cattle to devour Devour Everything is meant to kill us No matter, you never want to know No, you never want to know Everything is meant to kill us (Mike DiSalvo)
The familiar pain to which I, I am numb The hardened decay of my self and my soul This weight I can take no more I can't, I won't Forever engrained in a shadow of time They are intrinsic now The familiar pain to which I, I am numb The hardened decay of my self and my soul I break I can take no more I can't, I won't In a burning twilight they appear, always for the last time Patiently awaiting this very moment Buried deep inside, grief solidified Reflections of you, I see within me Face the hidden form, To which I contort Fists of rage and hate, embrace my suffering Falling with the weight of a thousand years This is me becoming you Stagnant thoughts, Rancid Solitude Putrid Emotion, I have manifested Timeless scars, Breaking new skin Cursed am I, to live this life And now you know Lest we forget The inevitable regret Which no one punishment is fit (Austin Taylor)
Agonize Age of reckoning Sift Through piles of Ash Conquest of pain Bloodlines Leaves stains in Symbols Are recollections Sacrificial Remains Of what life used to be Fragile rage Relish in twisted forms Chlorophyll dreams And reticent screams Negative Beyond belief Stricken With grief Dawn Of an old era Futile Attempts at Learning To Live And living To Learn About what life used to be Rabid Cage All Bitter endings Burn the sage Cleanse your heavy guilt Your weight of existing Gather up your halos and horns Gather up your halos and horns Your wings and crown of thorns Your lives of scorn and imperfect morals The balancing act of freewill Hone your venomous tongues And your deviant skills Harbor hardships undone The end of the road The road at last All bitter endings Endings… (Mike DiSalvo)
As I walk amongst the sick and the dying, the pestilence inhalers and plague devourers nod their approval at my crowned statehood. My meaning is theirs and through death we part! Through death we part! Through death we part! Through death we part!


“eines der wegweisendsten Alben des Jahres” (Gitarre&Bass)
"one of underground metal's most up and coming revered tech death bands" (prog archives)
“An unorthodox form of death metal the likes of which I can’t say I’ve ever heard anything similar to before.” (no clean singing)
“one of the masterpieces in the modern history of metal.” (Return To My Blood)
"Coma Cluster Void is poised to be another celebrated act within the death metal scene, thanks to this truly monstrous release that will leave listeners breathless." (svbterranean)
"There really isn’t anyone out there who sounds like this." (nocleansinging)
"Coma Cluster Void took the metal world by storm ..." (metalinjection)
“borderline genius” (Badgers Metal Breakdown)
“absolute masterpiece” (Metal Obscura)
“pushing the boundaries of metal music” (Metal Nexus)
“unique, difficult but intensely tasteful and rewarding” (Pyramid Noise)
“good and so crazy in all of the best ways possible” (Locust Lecture)
“If there ever was an album that could rival some of the groundbreaking releases in forward thinking extreme music, this is probably it.” (dissonant network)
“The multi-national band’s brand of death metal is skronky, visceral, churning and groovy” (metalsucks)


released August 26, 2016

Mike DiSalvo - Vocals
Austin Taylor - Vocals
Chris Burrows - Drums
Sylvia Hinz - Bass
Jeanne Comateuse - Guitars

Mixing and Mastering by Magma Art & Sound magma-sound.com
Logo and Artwork by Magma Art & Sound www.artstation.com/magmastudios


all rights reserved



Coma Cluster Void Berlin, Germany

Death Metal

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